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This new year, resolve to love every inch or your self!


Most women start each year with a resolution that they not only pledge to keep, but are excited to accomplish. Despite our best intentions, however, approximately only 8 percent of women keep these resolutions. Instead of setting a resolution this year that you are unlikely to keep and then feel guilty about, how about a mind, body and soul makeover to start the new year off right!  Simple, no membership, no starving, no nothing – except the existence of love and positive attitude. Follow these simple rules to a new you!

Rule number 1: Keep a positive attitude
How can we possibly feel good about ourselves when the media tells us we are headed for another recession, when our clothes are tighter after the holidays and there is never enough time to finish all those things on our to-do lists?   But what if you let these thought through but not dwell on them?  These thoughts are common and natural; the problem is if we get stuck on them and let them bring us down. Let them be, accept them with love and then move on to the good things.  For every negative thought, for every thought of un-accomplishment – replace it with 5 good things. Even when I am feeling pretty down I force my self to come up with 5 good things at that moment.  You will be surprised how it makes you feel and how it can change your view immediately. If this doesn’t work – I usually resort to drastic measures, I come up with 3 different scenarios that would be extremely worse then my current situation and then I give thanks for not being there.  This is a reverse way of seeing the good in things.

Rule number 2: Love your body!!
I know it can be easier said then done, but I want you to think for a moment that you are a perfect reflection of the universe.  You would not exist if you were not needed. You ARE needed you ARE important just the way you are. Know that, accept that and then love every inch of your self just as you are. This love will ultimately reflect on you physically just you wait and see. I realized at 46 I have lost most of my elasticity on my always tight body. Even when I had quite a few pounds extra on me, my body was always tight. Well… not anymore. I noticed it bothered me and I caught my self having some pretty negative thoughts. I then applied my 5 positive thought technique and thought about how gorgeous my 46-year-old body was after all those years of stretching.  I noted how my gluteus had been such a rock all these years and now it can finally relax! So on and so forth and after a few days of this, I finally got to love it and bought me some shapeware from aveune.com

Rule number 3: Be Soulful
The last piece of your makeover is about your soul or your self-esteem. The dictionary defines self -esteem as “a confidence and satisfaction in oneself.” But, self-esteem is so much more than that, right? Self-esteem encompasses what we think and how we respond to a myriad of situations that come at us every day. It is amazing how two little words can have such an impact on all aspects of our life. And to have confidence and self-esteem, remain true to your core principles:

Be the authentic you, not a duplicate of those around you, or an erroneous image of what they think you should be. We are all special and unique in our own ways. We all have natural skills and abilities, and candidly, we all have deficits in some areas too.

Know your strengths as well as your weaknesses. Claim them. Celebrate those differences and promote the good in who you truly are. Embrace your weaknesses too, at some point in your life they have come in handy I am sure, otherwise they would not exist.

Carve out your niche
and claim that space. Do not try to be all things to all people. Find your niche and exude you in all you do. You are the only one that needs to accept you for who you are.

These changes are not accomplished overnight, and you may even have them for next year’s resolution. This is rather a constant work, healthy habits that you will create throughout time creating a healthy woman in every sense of the word. Here’s to a loving happy new you in 2012! 

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