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aveune has plus size clothing, women's apparel sizes 14 and up for large women. Classic styles in plus sizes like Lane Bryant and Jessica London, Avenue for women's apparel, large size dresses, tunics, robes, extra large XXX denim jeans, extra wide footwear, Plus size swimwear and lingerie size 16W to 34W and 0X to 5X.





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Smart New Way to Get Plus-sizes Made-to-fit
by: Gen Wright


Dress size is often a problem if you do not wear the sizes that most manufacturers feel women should be, and who are these manufacturers, that they decide what should be the correct sizes and if you don't wear that size your limited in what you can buy. Not every woman fits into these sizes and when you don't that does not mean you don't want to wear that dress, that you would not look perfect in that dress just because some person that has never seen you before had decided for you that it is not the right dress for you.

This is no longer the case when you visit the store of for this is one dress company that not only has dresses in plus sizes, they can manufacture most any dress that they have in their inventory to fit you personally. This is a terrific advantage, for any woman that does not fit the mainstream manufactures size scale and these dresses are not priced as one would think. They are priced with the purchaser in mind, just because other manufactures feel they can charge you more does not alter the thoughts of this service that can be found on with their reasonably priced service for custom service that others do not offer.

This is a stress free way of shopping, from the comfort of home without the digging through racks of clothes only to find that others before you have bought the item that you would have, along with the fact that in most stores there just is not the selection in plus-sized clothing as in the smaller sizes that are made with the flair and style that you know would look just right on you. These options are not there for you in most clothing stores and while they should be it all comes down to how clothing is manufactured and how it is ordered by the person in the women's department in the store for the amount and sizes, this will not happen at a place like they understand that you want the same dresses that other women find appealing and while it may look pleasing on someone a size two it will also look pleasing on a larger sized woman.

The only determining factor on whether something looks nice on someone is the way it is worn and that it fits correctly, not their size as some manufacturers would have us believe. Many styles that are made in smaller sizes actually do no do these women a favor but would look more appealing on a woman that wears a larger size but of course these clothes or dresses are not offered in these larger sizes.

Colors are another thing that does not always look appealing on smaller framed women as well as on larger framed women, but these colors are not always offered in the larger sizes. With you can not only find dresses to have made in the size that is correct for you, but also ones that are in the colors you feel would look right on you, is like having your own custom dress maker. Source:

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